Download Tools Zone H Grabber for windows

Tools Zone H Grabber

OK, now I'm going to share the tools zone-h grabber by Mr. Joker

Before, for those who don't know what zone-h & tools are?

Okay, I quoted from

What is In black hat culture (Blackhat) one of the most popular things. After tampering with websites or defacing, they can mirror them (Mirroring). The meaning of mirroring is that attackers / defenders who have hacked the web will be mirrored to this site. Now the site serves to store hacked web archives. This means that they can upload proof of hacking on the Site. So the defacement information of the website is stored in the Zone-H database and it proves that the website has been hacked.

Zone-H Grabber Tools

This tool serves to do domain and ip grabbing in the notifier in question, why do you have to grab the domain in the notifier at so as not to find it difficult to find websites that clearly have a vulnerability to a bug.

This tool functions to retrieve an attacker's list of domain archives at

This tool is usually used by people who want to get a list of vulnreable domains to allow users to get a lot of backdoor shells 😂

For the tools I share here made by Mr Joker, these tools are for computer devices, for those of you who use Android it is recommended to buy RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) first.


1. Enter the Name of the Notifier / defacer then click start

2. Fill in Captha

3. Tools will do a grab, just wait

4. If you want to save the grabbing result, right click on the word "Domain" then select whether the Domain or IP to save

Download: Click Here


That's all from me, thank you

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