11 Dangers of Holding Back Bab, Can Trigger Dangerous Diseases!


You may have refrained from defecating for some reason, either because of the unavailable toilet or because of the impossible conditions and times. In fact, the consequences of withholding bab are dangerous for health, you know! It will be more risky if you often face the condition.

The Dangers of Withholding Bab for Health

Resisting defecation too often is not good, as it causes some adverse effects for health, the following are the consequences of withholding bab that are important for you to avoid:

1. Constipation

This health problem may be very common among many people due to lack of consumption of fibrous foods. As it turns out, the danger of holding back bab can also cause constipation. Feces held for exit will accumulate in the colon, as a result of which the phases will harden. As a result of this constipation, you should use extra energy to be able to remove the phases from inside the stomach.

2. Piles

Piles occur starting from constipation. The habit of delaying defecation for too long will cause piles. As you know that piles can cause discomfort even pain in the anus, so it can interfere with daily activities.

3. Intestinal obstruction

Hardening of the phases in the intestines due to holding the bab too often, will cause intestinal obstruction. This disease will usually interfere with the gastrointestinal tract because eating and also fluids can not be digested properly. This condition can also be caused by the compilation of intestinal stickiness, colon cancer, and hernia.

4. Colon Cancer

The disease that will arise as a result of holding bab too often is colon cancer. This is due to the long-held phases in the intestine in prolonged contact with the surface cells of the colon. The disease is quite dangerous, so you should immediately carry out treatment to the hospital.

5. Complications

The danger of holding bab causes impurities to harden and accumulate in digestion. In the rarest cases, this habit can cause circulatory problems, heart problems, and cramps.

These complications are most common in the elderly or those who rarely move or do activities, especially those using heavy opioid drugs. If the condition is severe and does not get treatment immediately, it is likely that the bad will lead to death.

6. Anal fissures

The more often you hold a CHAPTER, the harder it will be for you to babble. This habit can cause anal fissures or ani fissures, small tears and wounds on the thin, moist tissue (mucosa) that lines the anus hole. This condition causes slight bleeding due to difficulty babbling or hard stools. It is also possible that you are also at risk of convulsions in the muscle rings at the end of the anus (anal sphincter).

fissures may require medication or sometimes surgery, in some people.

7. Fecal impact

Stool buildup in digestion due to holding bab can also cause stool impaction. As reported by Medical News Today, fecal impaction is a severe intestinal condition in which hard, dry stools are stuck in the colon or rectum. This stool that does not move will inhibit digestion and cause buildup.

If left untreated, stool impact can cause severe damage. It is recommended to see a doctor immediately if you experience any of the symptoms of fecal impaction.

8. Bacterial infections

The danger of holding the bab too often will be the harder the stool that accumulates in the colon. This build-up of faeces results in digestion not being able to dispose of toxins.

As mentioned earlier, ani fissures or tears in the anus hole are at risk of bacterial infection due to fecal contamination.

Stool buildup is also at risk of infecting the intestines due to toxins that accumulate in digestion. As a result the intestines have inflammation.

9. Rectal Prolapse

As reported by WebMD, the rectum is the last part of the colon that ends in the anus. When you experience chronic constipation as a result of holding the bab, the rectum stretches and protrudes out of the anus. Sometimes only part of the rectum protrudes out.

Rectal prolapse can be painful and can cause bleeding. Sometimes it is difficult to tell if you have rectal prolapse or hemorrhoids, as these two conditions cause the rectum to protrude out of the anus, but they are different.

10. Megarectum

The danger of withholding the next CHAPTER can lead to a condition known as megarectum, in which the rectum enlarges as a result of chronic constipation.

Treatment of this condition usually uses laxatives on a daily basis but surgery or surgery may be required in certain cases.

11. Risk of death

If feces spill into the abdominal cavity, the bacteria can cause severe and even life-threatening symptoms.

A 2015 study, as reported by Healthline, found that stool buildup in the gut increases the number of bacteria and causes long-term inflammation of the inner lining of the colon. This condition is a risk factor for cancer.

The study also suggests that the dangers of withholding bab may also be at risk for appendicitis and hemorrhoids.

Tips for Holding Bab during Emergencies

If you're in a meeting, meeting people, or have trouble finding a toilet to defecate, you can control your digestive muscles to delay babbling, among others:

Tighten both sides of your ass. This can help keep your rectal muscles tense.

Avoid squatting. Try to stand or lie down. Tips to hold this chapter is not a natural position for bab and can trick your body from babbling.

Look calm and don't panic. Being calm can withstand a babbling. Usually someone will panic when they want to bab. If it is not able to predict panic, the desire for bab will increase.

It's important to remember! These tips are only done when the state of darutat requires you to withhold bab.

Well, that's the danger of withholding a chapter that impacts on your health. From now on try babbling regularly and avoid holding back bab ya, Healthy Friends!

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